About Blue Water Adventures Tours

These are very common questions for our Blue Water Adventures Tours in Cozumel Mexico. Feel free to email us or call us with any additional questions.

These are very common questions for our Blue Water Adventures Tours in Cozumel Mexico. Feel free to email us or call us with any additional questions

Why should we go to the Cozumel Mexico Islands?

The Island has some of the most spectacular Snorkel destinations in Mexico. We offer Snorkel destinations, sand bar day trips.

Will We See Marine Life?

When you board your boat and set out on the shimmering water for one of Cozumel’s best reef areas, Colombia and El Cielo, located inside the National Marine Park. In transit, your crew will prepare your snorkeling equipment and give instructions on its use.
Jump in with both feet and begin your Blue Water Adventure as you will first enter the water from the boat and drift snorkel (carried along by the tide) as the wonderful underwater world of Cozumel appears below you.
At El Cielo, named after heaven itself, marvel at the starfish that decorate the sandy ocean floor. This sandbank in the southwestern tip of Cozumel is an incredibly beautiful spot with turquoise waters and shallow areas where the starfish are known to gather. The water depth at Cielo is very shallow, usually only waist deep, and is known as a sandbar. El Cielo is only accessible by boat and is about a half mile from the coast. The powder white sand will massage your feet every step you take.

What about transportation to the boat? Why can't you pick us up?

Everyone is responsible for their own transportation to the marina. Taxies are reasonable and available everywhere, It is illegal to transport tourist by any other means than a taxi in Cozumel. Our boats are located in Marina Fonatur, 3 minutes away from the cruise piers and 10 min away from downtown.

If your hotel has an available pier we will be happy to pick you up right at your door.

How long are the charters?

4 to 8 hours depending on your time.

Cancellations Policies.

We understand that sometimes things happen, and we can’t always have fun on a tour in the Caribbean, which is why we allow cancellations for tours with at least 10 days in advance notice (10 days from the departure date). However, if you simply do not show up or cancel with less than 10 full days’ notice before the departure date, we cannot issue a refund on your deposit.

Our tours are mostly booked two months, five months or even a year in advance. With such short notice we will have an almost impossible task of filling the time slot we’ve been holding for you. However! The fantastic news is that we have a 100%, no-fuss inclement weather refund policy. If the conditions are unsuitable or unsafe for a day at sea we offer a full refund, no questions asked.

Of course we will do our best to reschedule around the weather since you will surely still want to head out to sea! Our whole goal is to make sure you have the best day possible on the water.

What should we bring on the boat?

Bring a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen and bathing suit cover-up. We also recommend a long sleeve tee shirt, if you have one. The sun is very strong and its easy to get burned, so be careful!. We also have shaded seating, so you will be able to get out of the sun if you would like to. If you like to bring something to eat or drink, we have large coolers with ice to keep thing cold. Our stereo systems have an IPod and USB connection. Bring your IPod or other music devices.

What safety equipment do you have on board?

On board, we exceed all U.S. Coast Guard required safety equipment, including USCG approved life jackets, first aid kits, 6 person life raft, Epirb, flares and ship to shore radio. Our boats are also fitted with radar, a depth finder and chart plotter. Our Captains/Guides are also have years of experience navigating the our waters

What if I am staying on the Island?
We need everyone staying on the island to contact us after you arrive in Mexico and let us know how to contact you. Hotel name, room numbers, private villas phone numbers and contact information are important. This way if there is any change on plans or weather conditions are not suitable we can let you know beforehand.
How much should I tip?

This is totally up to you and how much you enjoyed the trip. Everyone has a different policy on tipping and anything will be graciously accepted.

FYI, some people think because the area is poorer, that the cost of living is less. This is not the case as almost everything is more expensive here, and the income level is much less on average, so tip as if you were on a tour in the States.

Should I leave a feedback or a review?

We live off of our reputation, and the more people that know about us, the better. Word of mouth goes a long way so please tell others, we want people to live a unique experience and know what we do.

We have had a lot of people find us on TripAdvisor, so that would be a great spot to leave a review under Blue Water Adventures
If there is something you think we could improve on, please let us know.

What kind of proof of purchase will I need to show upon arrival?

Just show us the proof of purchase.

Why Should We Hire a Captain for our Charter?

If you’re not familiar with the Cozumel Mexico Island, you run the risk of missing the best places and sights. Nothing is a substitute for a tour guide who knows where to go and exactly how to get there. Our captains know where you can and cannot anchor, and how to schedule the itinerary you want in the time you have. They are also aware of all the unmarked reefs and weather patterns to keep you and your family safe. You’ll end up wasting a lot of valuable time-and money-trying to navigate the islands yourself. It’s your vacation, remember? Leave the work to someone else!

How Far Is El Cielo?

Everything is very close together; you’ll be able to visit in a short time. Of course, weather conditions but, on a calm day and moderate cruise speed the trip El Cielo is no time at all.

How old do you have to be to go on charter?

All ages are welcome. We do have child and infant life vest on board. We have had many families bring children of all ages and they have an amazing time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all credit cards and will be happy to assist you over the phone or WhatsApp to place your reservation. You can pay directly thru the website, or to our PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account yourself to use your credit card and pay.

For private tours, we take deposits of 30% to hold your date and the balance in cash upon arrival (Mexican pesos or USD) accepted.

Balance payments the day of the trip with credit cards have a 4.3% commission.

What If it is raining the Day of the Charter?

Blue Water Adventures will only charter when it’s safe to do so. If the captain feels it’s not safe to take the boat out due to bad weather, we’ll refund you 100% and do our best to reschedule you for another day. If, during your charter, the weather changes and it’s not safe to continue your trip, the captain will return you to your disembarkation point and your cost will be pro-rated. (for example, if you were out for 4 hours, or 50% of the time, you will be charged 50% of the charter fee).

How do we book a charter?

Via our website

What happens on the tour?

It is a private tour, so you can do about anything, but the normal routine is, we depart the marina, drive south to a beautiful place called “El Cielo”, there you can see starfish in the deeper area. Then it’s time for lunch and a beautiful swim. Everyone will be able to get down from the boat and the water will be on your waist, so kids can be safe and enjoy an amazing day. Here we will prepare ceviche, snacks, and drinks for you to enjoy. We recommend taking your music so you enjoy your favorite tunes. After spending here your day we will make a slow return to the marina to finish your trip.

Should I tip the captain?

We do not ask for a tip, we feel our service will speak for itself and any tip will be greatly appreciated by the captain or the crew.

How will I get back after the tour?

We will have taxis available, and probably waiting if you are on a cruise ship with a tight schedule.

We will ask if you require a taxi near the end of the trip, so we can arrange them.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Your tour will include different drinks and we will be happy and ready to serve you.

Maybe you have a special bottle of your favorite liquor or wine, and the answer is YES you are welcome to bring anything you want on board. Let us know if you need any additional drinks or alcohol.