A friend recommended Blue Water Charters with Alberto as the dive leader. We were told that he would cater a dive for our specific desires; they were 100% correct.
Alberto put together a private dive for our family with various ability levels in the family. He gave all of us a refresher course and for the new divers, a very detailed class. We spent time in shallow water for those that were timid, never rushing anyone in the group, and as the group progressed, he took us to much more exciting dive areas. This is not available from the larger companies, but a common courtesy for Alberto’s clients.

Alberto was concerned with our satisfaction and safety first. We were never rushed, and he was not a clock watcher — that insured a great dive for everyone. If you have varied ability levels or very experienced divers in your group, Alberto will put together a dive that will keep you coming back to his dive company. They will arrange the pickup and drop off at your hotel, providing you with above expected service on your trip.

The photos from the dive say it all; we will be back and we will never have to look for another dive company again.

Give Alberto and company a try and you too will be a loyal client too!

Thanks for a great dive for my family.

Joe Q., New Mexico

I have been on 5 dives so far with Alberto. Every time we go on a cruise and stop in Cozumel, we don’t pass up the chance to dive with him. He is very professional, very fun, and a great dive master! He has done an excellent job with discovery dives. He is very patient with new divers, and a great instructor. He knows exactly where to go to experience the best of Cozumel diving. I would recommend him to anyone; you won’t find a better dive operator or great friend than Alberto.

Nick H., Salt Lake City, UT

When I first vacationed in Cozumel, I chose it for the peace and quiet, to relax. I had no intention of snorkeling, let alone diving. After watching my kids snorkel, my curiosity peaked. After a quick class, Alberto took our boat to a shallow area and put me in the water; we only went to 20 feet or so, but it is truly one of the best memories of my life. Queen parrotfish, eels, grouper — it was definitely sensory overload. When I returned to Colorado, I got my certification and have been diving for four years. I really enjoy diving with Alberto because he is smart, safe, and a great teacher. I like that we always have a very small group with us. Usually, it is just us. It’s more peaceful than being on a larger dive boat.

Erin M., Colorado

I vacationed in Cozumel in 2010. I was with friends who used Alberto’s dive operation and decided to try the discovery dive. Alberto was very thorough with his instruction and very attentive. I don’t have anything else to compare it to, but I can say that if I were to do it again, this would be the way to go. I thought it would be more stressful remembering everything that had to be done, but Alberto made sure I was good to go. I highly recommend using Alberto for your diving in Cozumel.

I’m 12 years old and have been diving with Alberto since I was ten. When I was younger, I snorkeled with Juan. Alberto was my dive master for my open water dives. I was really nervous about having to do all of the skills under water, but he was a good teacher and everything went great. I like when you tell Alberto you want to see sharks and turtles and then they appear. Whenever he shakes his noisemaker, you know you are going to see something great.

Jordan H., Colorado